“Time is our greatest asset or our greatest enemy.
How it is used will always determine the outcome.”

Born in the Netherlands, John gained his Doctorate in Institutionalisation and a Master in Philosophy .

From a deep belief, John has invested his whole life in creating a better world. This motivated him for his years of studies. His career started with various training and mentoring roles behind the former Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe. This was sponsored through sixteen charities – known as B.E.E. International.

1988-2000 John designed and developed capacity-building programs in various Eastern European countries.  John also consulted for Apollos Foundation – a capacity-building program in Suriname, Latin America.

2000-2007 John saw the need for guidance and support in Africa, which led him with African top leaders to found More Than a Mile Deep (“MMD”) an African capacity-building program.

2007-till presenet he has been Vice-President of ENTRUST – a leading International Charity organisation, connecting him to many people of differing backgrounds. In his role at ENTRUST he personally guided the innovative projects that Connect Church Growth and Community Development, and he personally mentored local leadership.

Over the years John has built a “circle of trust” in pure business to business Management sharing his success with others.  John’s contacts introduced others to the “circle” and the network increased in size, needs and desires. John realised that many people have all kinds of unmet needs. He surrounded himself with the expertise to enable him to open and expand the network to an even greater public.  In 2010 the first steps were taken towards this common need for service and support, to make the network  accesable to the public. The network, Sapphire Service & Support, providing the needs for inquiries people have.

2010-2011 Fundatio B.V., a Trust Office registered in the Netherlands, joined the “circle”.  With the help of their expertise, they advised and supported the creation of “a society to help people help themselves towards a better life” – Sapphire Service and Support.

2011 Opening of the Head Office in the Netherlands to support the Private Markets

2011-2013 Partnerships were established with several global companies to supply Sapphire Service & Support with the personal attention, selection and quality the network required.

2013 Opening of the Paris office.

2014 Introduction of the Loyalty Program for our customers.

2015 Several Agent offices are developed on different continents.

2015 Partnership with HANC and Partners for their strategic expertise in training, screaning and adjusting

2015 Partnership with Bunting & Partners for the Irish and British markets

2015 Opening of our United Kingdom Licensed Agent Office

2015 Partnership with Varini & Associates for several African Markets

2015 Partnership with SRA Marketing Ltd South Africa

2016 Opening of our South African Licensed Agent Office

2016 Partnership with DAMAC Properties Luxury Real Estate Dubai

2016 Opening of Rotterdam Netherlands Licensed Agent Office PLJ DEEN Makelaardij OG

2016 Consultancy Agreement with Wanaroo international Ltd for Global Multi-lingual Advertising and Discount portal

2016 Partnership with IJourney Solutions Ltd for Product Development & Strategic Planning